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1 Down the Deep Blue Sea in Andamans

I love the ocean. From the breathtaking beaches to the gorgeous sunsets, the islands of Andaman hold an exclusive water world which is absolutely stunning to explore through snorkelling and diving. It will melt your heart as the barriers between two worlds come crashing down with the waves. It is a perfect recluse as a singleton before you head there again with your future spouse.

2 Around North-East on a Backpack

From the Living Roots Bridge in Meghalaya to the Mayong Culture of Assam, from the Tawang Monastery in Arunachal to the Jampui hills of Tripura, from the Blue Mountains in Mizoram to the Loktak Lake of Manipur and my absolute favourite, the Hornbill Festival of Nagaland – everything changed me. It made me an evolving backpacker, something you must experience alone, or with a friend before you tie the knot.
从梅加拉亚邦的树根桥到阿萨姆邦,从阿鲁纳卡的达旺寺到特里普拉邦的Jampui丘陵,从米佐拉姆邦的蓝山到曼尼普尔邦的洛克塔克湖 ,以及那加兰邦的犀鸟节……每件事都改变了我。这让我变成一个积极的背包客,有些事你必须独自体验,或者在你喜结良缘前与朋友一起去。

3 Halt Under the Stars in Rann of Kutch

The Rann of Kutch is indeed a mesmerising affair. This seasonal salt marsh will crunch underneath your feet while you watch the hypnotic landscape melts into the horizon. It truly feels like the end of the earth as you see the sun play its magical parade, changing from red to grey to black. A fairytale night arrives as the salt flats that sparkle under the glistening stars and transport you into an eternal paradise, short-lived of course.

4 The World’s End at Dhanushkodi

This ghost town has been wiped off but its history reflects what remains of life that once was。 I could relate to this feeling being a single woman just about to plunge into the world of marriage. The southern tip of the nation, Dhanushkodi is a no man’s land with a spectacular view. Experience the end of the (single) world here and relive a rejuvenating feeling of peace.

5 Soak in the Beauty of Matheran

Discover your inner spirituality on a solo trip at this verdant paradise. The tiny patches of summits here are endowed with shady forests and extraordinary trails making the drive to Matheran magical. This is perfect to unwind as vehicles are banned here, making way for your senses to experience the fresh natural charms. What better way to make peace with yourself before life changes?

6 Hitch-hike through Leh-Ladakh

Hitch-hiking across this mesmerising land may be less heard of, but when you embark on it, there is nothing like it. It never will be the same once you put a ring on that finger. It is the land of intrigue and mystery that never ceases to amaze me with its snow-capped peaks, the rapid rivers and the lush green valleys. Where else can you be offered such serenity and tranquillity with magical views?

7 Explore the Caves of Meghalaya

The caves in the Khasi Hills near Cherrapunjee and other areas invoked a refined form of love since the first time I laid eyes on them. It is not any regular destination, you can literally move (around) those mountains to discover various hidden caves. With streams running elegantly down the valley lined with limestone and sandstone faces, this will not fail to stun you with its extraordinary charms.

8 Hit the Beaches of Agatti Island

The islands of Lakshwadeep are created for peace and adventure lovers. The clear blue seas and the pure golden delight of the islands, Agatti offers much with its magical marine life and lively corals. With spectacular views and activities to engage in, apart from seeking your inner purpose, Agatti is a paradise for the soon-to-be-married soul.

9 Party Till You Drop

You are probably never going to get this opportunity again, at least not much after you get married. The last chance to freak out, to dance till your legs give away and to lose yourself to ear-blasting music! Grab your friends along and hit the dance floor. I personally love Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore’s nightlife which just makes me forget the whole world and breathe in the blasting energy around.

10 A Place You Love

I just had to put this here to relive the place that holds special memories in my heart. It could be anything – your first trip with friends, your favourite beach, a childhood trip with your family, the taste of a specific food you ate years back, your college canteen or a street where you grew up. Close your eyes and picture a happy moment from your life. Where was that? Get up and go.

11 A Place You Absolutely Hate


Before you go along and start judging, let me tell you exactly why。 The thought of a bad memory in a good place may make your cringe but it is also a second chance to change how you feel. I personally hate the thought of crowded places, so I did exactly that and made peace with it. It might be hard but it will be worth it. It can be a trip you took with an ex or a place you fell ill in –here’s to changing those memories.

12 Overcome a Fear


Scared of water and drowning or scared of heights and flying? No matter what fears you hold, it’s time to let it go. You have waited long enough and lived too long enough to still hold on to those fears. So go bungee jumping or deep sea diving, experience the rush of adrenaline with adventure sports and win it over.

13 Travel Solo


So the days are creeping up close, the time is near to take the plunge and explore the depths of marriage. How about a solo trip for a couple of days to explore your inner depths? It’s the best feeling in the world that cannot be expressed in words. So go out into the world and find yourself. I promise you’ll come back a different person. This is an experience you will pine to have for the rest of your life. So why wait? Let’s go.

14 Drive From Mumbai To Kanyakumari


Pack your bags, start your car and head out through the Western Ghats with this journey of a lifetime! My personal itinerary? Start from Mumbai and then head out to Kanyakumari through Dapoli, Tarkarli, Agonda, Udipi, Kozhikode, Kochi and Trivandrum. This 1700kms road trip invoked in me a sensational curiosity towards life and made me a more spiritual person. I’m glad I did it. (If you are feeling more adventurous, you could continue from Kanyakumari and head out to Kolkata along the East Coast).
收拾好你的背包,发动汽车引擎然后向西高止山脉出发!从孟买出发经过Dapoli、Tarkarl、Agonda、Udipi、Kozhikode、Kochi 和Trivandrum到达科摩林角,这条1700公里的旅途可以激发你对生活强烈的好奇心并且让你变得更加注重精神世界。(如果你想体验更冒险的,可以继续沿着东海岸从科摩林角向加尔各答出发。)

15 Go Trekking, At Least Once


Yes, that’s right。 Be the adventurous 20-something and embark on a trekking expedition. This must be on your bucket list. If you have already done it, way to go! If you haven’t, here’s your chance. My personal favourites are Roopkund, Zanskar Frozen River and the Goechala Trek. You can also check out the fascinating treks down south, like Kudremukh and Anthargange. Take your pick!
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